Monday, October 05, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Making The Dad's Day Ad

Earlier this year, I wrote this ad for Mitre 10.
Hours of meetings and filming and all sorts of other stuff went into making this 15 seconds of marvellously daggy fun.

For a donation, the St Kilda football club's cheersquad made us a few banners.

We needed a few banners so we could do more than one take of him busting through. First take worked perfectly.

It was a big studio...

But I found quickly it was best to watch the filming through this monitor.
To get a better view of what the ad would look like to viewers?
Of course not.
Because it was close to the catering.

It was a dubious proposition to get Brendan, the great actor (who usually does hoighty toighty stuff like Shakespeare and Neighbours), balanced on the child actors' shoulders.
But after cheating with a stepladder hidden behind....